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Portable Mini Body Massager For Comfort and Fatigue Relief

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  • Massager wand will bring you a strong vibration which concentrates power to your neck, back, shoulder, feet and legs.
  • Frequently working modes available for your options and whether you prefer a gentle relaxing massage experience or an intense deep tissue massage.
  • Design with a gourd-shaped which can even massage your back, legs, waist and any part of the body.
  • Effectively relieves the soreness caused by muscle pain and discomfort in joints.
  • The mini massager is lightweight and portable. It will easily fit into any purse, travel bag, gym bag or carry on.
  • It provides instant relief to those aches, pains and sore muscles. 
  • Portable hand massager device is not loud and it is effective. One turn on/off switch design, easy to use.
  • Use this portable massager as a sports recovery tool after a hard lifting session.
  • This massager is crafted out of body-safe, that’s safe and durable in use, and you can clean the waterproof wand massager easily.
  • We recommend you don't soak it in water. Wet wipes are the perfect way to keep this wand massager in perfect condition.