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Ballpoint Sanitizer Pen Spray to Sanitize, Write and Press

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3-in-1 Ballpoint Pocket Sanitizer pen Spray for for Home, School, College & Office Purpose | Made in India

This pocket sanitizer pen uses mist formation technique which helps to avoid wastage of sanitizer during flow.

  • Write: Write anytime, anywhere without any fear of the virus.
  • Sanitize: Clean your hands, It keeps you safe in the pandemic.
  • Press: PressEleveate without direct contact
  • Reuse: Convenient and efficient. Saves your money
  • Repeat: Keep India safe.

  • Special Features of this Pen Sanitizer

    • Refillable content
    • Handy, Lightweight and easy to carry
    • Protects from virus

    Directions to use and refill:

    1. The first step after unboxing is to fill sanitizer into the pen by removing the upper outer section of the pen.
    2. Now fill the container and fix it into the pen just like before.
    3. Turn the lower section of the pen a bit by hand to get the ballpoint nip to write. 
    4. Once the refill gets empty, replace it by removing the lower section of the pen.
    5. Repeat and be safe.