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Pen Sanitizer, A pen can protect you from Coronavirus

Posted by Khushank Raj Mahawan on

Pen Sanitizer, A pen that can save your life. Yes, you heard it right, Let's begin from the start.  

Do you know, How many people died from the corona? How many of them died on duty or got Infected on duty? Why did this happen? How did this happen? Aren't they maintaining social distancing? 

Over 1 Lakh people died from Coronavirus. About 15000 people got Infected on the duty of which few died as well. They all maintained social distancing. They took all the precautions prescribed by the government of their respective states. But even after this much of care and cautiousness, they somehow got in contact with an Infected object. Just Because it was part of their work, they had to do so.,

According to some reports:

  • A Doctor came into contact with a virus through a pen he uses to write prescriptions.
  • About 4% of policemen came into contact with coronavirus while making an FIR for the people.
  • A huge portion of bankers and financial workers got infected with coronavirus while working on their systems and noting down a few important information on Wordpad using a pen. Since pen was given to a customer of a bank to correct the information written on the check. Unfortunately, the customer was a silent career. 

But the matter of the fact is, we can't really have lockdown for an infinite time. Especially when the global economy crashed due to this virus. Hence, lockdown lifted in many parts and people started working again. Therefore, some innovative ideas to protect everyone from virus came out.
One such idea about a special type of pen became popular since it showed some effective and better results. 

Pen Sanitizer: Pen+ Sanitizer.

Pen, the most essential utility for the working class of today, the most important tool for students, the necessary instrument of bankers.
But carrying a pen and sanitizer both looks a bit uneasy and irritating for a normal and worker, banker, or student. Even if they carry both, they forget to sanitize regularly due to their hectic schedules and work This increases the risk of getting in touch with this dangerous virus. 

Write with pen sanitizer anywhere

How does Pen Sanitizer save life and money both

So, how to solve this problem? Simple, using the special Pen Sanitizer. Yes, sanitize anytime, anywhere with pocket sanitizer & write anytime, anywhere with a pen.

sanitizer ballpen for everyone

This pen comes with a defense mechanism installed with a sanitizer dispenser pump. The product serves the purpose of writing and sanitizing alone without the need of any other thing. It ensures complete sanitization and safety of the user without affecting his/her work.
Embedded with the sanitizer, the pen has a capacity of 10 ML which means it can serve you the whole day. With the refill that can be replaced, makes this pen Sanitizer reusable and saves money.

View Demo here


Prevents Wastage of liquid

The best thing about this highly innovative Pen Sanitizer is that unlike the other sanitizer dispensers or bottles that give out a huge portion of liquid in a  single spray, it ensures no wastage of sanitizer liquid occurs. As with conventional sprays and bottles, about 47% of the content from every spray gets wasted, but these latest technology pumps, only a required amount of content comes out from every spray, which means with every spray, you save 47% of sanitizer liquid. Ultimately, with every pen, you save a good amount of money, which can be utilized in your other needs and requirements.

Not only for writing and sanitization but you can also use it for pressing anything. It helps to avoid direct contact with any unknown surface and saves you from the virus. 
The cost of this pen is less than the cost of pizza. It will only cost you ₹89 per piece only. Or even lower than that, if you buy 3 or 4 pens together. 

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